Effective ways to improve students behaviour in class

Behaviour Management: A Comprehensive Guide to Outstanding Classroom Management and Higher Level BehaviourWith student behaviour now a key feature of Ofsted lesson observations, it’s essential that teachers have strategies in place to ensure that not only are students behaving, but that they are also co-operating to solve problems and help each other learn – what I call higher level behaviour.

My latest book, ‘Behaviour Management: A Comprehensive Guide to Outstanding Classroom Management and Higher Level Behaviour’ has been written to help teachers do this.

It explains a wide range of strategies that can be used to:

  • establish and embed classroom rules and expectations
  • set up and embed routines and practices
  • build positive relationships with students and between students
  • enhance the authority of the teacher in their classroom
  • effectively deal with low level disruption
  • swiftly and successfully deal with major behavioural incidents
  • improve skills in cooperating and group work to enhance learning.

I’ve made sure that what I’ve put in the book is sound, practical advice. There’s no educational theorising here, just lots of good tips with detailed explanations of why you should follow them and how to do so to get the best results.

Sections included in the book include:

  • Preparing for the New Academic Year
  • Meeting Your New Class for the First Time
  • Cardinal Sins
  • Essentials for Excellent Classroom Behaviour
  • Praise and Reward
  • Using Positive Language
  • Everyday Techniques
  • Using Your Voice
  • Good Lessons Lead to Good Behaviour
  • Higher Level Behaviour

What takes this book beyond many other behaviour theorists, is that it shows how, in the 21st century classroom, there is a direct link between the quality of teaching and improvements in behaviour and attitudes to learning. Children behave better when the lessons are interesting and the activities they take part in are engaging. These days you will hear headteachers and inspectors tell you, if the children are badly behaved it’s down to poor teaching – for that reason, I’ve included a special section covering this frequently ignored aspect of behaviour management.  I think this is what set’s this book apart from other good behaviour experts like Bill Rodgers.

I’ve written this book primarily for the classroom teacher, however, it may also be useful for senior leaders looking to improve whole school behaviour. Having worked in both the primary and secondary sectors I’ve made sure that what I’ve written is applicable to both age groups. The book is also an excellent resource for PGCE students and NQTs looking to develop their behaviour management skills.


 ‘Behaviour Management: A Comprehensive Guide to Outstanding Classroom Management and Higher Level Behaviour’ is available as a paperback and Kindle e-Book from Amazon:  Click here to buy

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