10 Awesome Kids’ Ride-On Toys for Christmas

For those of you who have kids with a love of riding on things, I’ve put together what I think are 10 of the best ride-on toys for Christmas. Whether it be electric battery-powered toys or good old-fashioned push and pedal powered, ride-ons have always been popular Christmas presents and here I’ve chosen some exceptional models with brilliant designs made from high quality materials. Hope you like them:

Electric Battery Powered Ride Ons

Vintage Mercedes Style Ride On with Parental Remote Control

Best battery powered ride on toyThis is a stunning vintage ride on car with a high attention to detail and lots of fab features that kids will love. It runs on (2 x 6) 12 volt, twin motor, rechargeable battery and has the added feature of a parental remote control which means you can give your kid the ride of their life whist ensuring they don’t go bump into your garden wall at the same time.

It’s made from tough,  durable plastic with a high gloss finish.  Features include: a fast/slow speed switch, mp3 input cable, front working lights, music and horn buttons, digital battery capacity timer, extra spare wheel, safety seat belt. For ages:2+

Kids Ride on Batmobile

Batmobile Ride on Toys

If you have a batman fan at home this could possibly be their ultimate Christmas gift for 2013. Take their role play adventures one gigantic step further by getting them their very own Batmobile.

This 6V Batmobile is built with a tough steel chassis combined with tough bodywork to take all of the bumps and scrapes that your budding crime fighter will get into. Hand crafted in Italy and designed with DC Comics to help create a truly realistic Batman kid’s car, its features include: wing mirrors and official Batman styling, logos and details, flashing lights, authentic music and sounds, forward & reverse gears and foot operated pedal control. It includes 6V battery & charger.  L122.6cm x W62.5cm x H52.7cm

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Ride on Sports Car

Best electric Ride on Ferrari

If your child is more of a Michael Shoemacher than a batman, then this stunning red Ferrari is one that’s going to make their F1 dreams come true. It will probably also make dad very jealous. This amazing looking electric kids car is a fully licensed Ferrari F12 Berlinetta which, like the Mercedes above, also comes with parental remote controls, making it fun for and safe your child.

The Ferrari is a well constructed ride-on with easy assembly. The body for this model is vacuum formed, then painted with real car paint, to give a superb finish. Your child will feel like they are in a real car, with realistic looking accessories and car body. It also comes with working lights and an MP3 plug-in facility – just connect your iPod or mp3 player! Features include: working lights, a seat belt for additional safety,  2 forward speeds and 1 reverse speed, top speed 4km/h, realistic key ignition start.


12V Mini Cooper Ride-On

 Best Electric Ride-on Toys Mini

Always fantastically stylish and fun, the Mini Cooper is a true design classic. This version runs on a 12V +2 motors rechargeable battery and comes with parental remote control, mp3 input, battery capacity indicator, soft leather seat to make your kids feel comfortable, 2 music buttons, play engine start-up sounds and many different music tones ( a volume control for parents!) and flashing colour lights.  It also has remote and pedal function switch. It’s available in 3 colours, red, blue and pink and is made from toughened, durable plastic with a high gloss realistic finish.


Audi R8 Spyder Ride On

Best Ride on toys 2013 audi


This amazing ride on is a fully licensed kids replica of an Audi R8 Spyder. The 12v sports car is a well constructed ride-on with easy assembly and top quality paintwork. The body for this model is similar to the Mini in that it is also vacuum formed and then painted with real car paint, to give a superb finish. Features include:  genuine looking accessories,  working lights and sounds for a realistic driving experience, a 12v motor to match the 12v battery, seat belt for additional safety. Top speed 7km/h

Pedal and Push Powered Ride-ons

Baghera Speedster Racer Ride-On Car

Baghera Best Ride on Toys 2013

Baghera are a fantastic French company and probably make the best designed cars in France, real ones included – sorry Citroen. These are truly classic kids toys, exceptionally well made with robust materials and real chic retro designs.

The Speedster Racer is an amazing little push powered sports car for young children. Built to last with a padded seat, a good old fashioned metal body and rubber tyres, it also comes with a honking horn, chrome radiator grille and petrol cap. Simple self assembly required on delivery. It’s suitable for indoors or outdoors riding.  57 x 35 x 40 cm. Seat height: 26 cm, Max. rider weight: 30kg

Baghera Speedster Racer Ride-On Car 

Baghera Best Ride on Toys 2013


Just like the Racer above, the Chocolate is another beautifully crafted well designed ride on toy. I particularly like it because the headlights make it look like one of those cute cartoon character cars that kids love.  Again, it comes with a padded seat, metal body, rubber tyres,   chrome radiator grille and horn. It’s easy to ride and steer both inside and outside. Slightly larger then the Racer it measures  L 72 cm; W 27 cm; H 37 cm and has a seat height of 26 cm.

Baghera Children’s Metal Ride-On Car

Best ride on toys for kids 2013This is an unusual looking car and I like it for that very purpose – it’s not pretending to be any particular style of existing car, it simply is what it is, a toy to ride on. It’s a simple, but beautifully minimalistic blue metal ride on. Like all Baghera ride ons it’s easy to control and steer and is made from a hard wearing metal body with rubber tyres. It has been designed with space underneath to transport favourite toys. Delivered for self assembly. L: 60cm, W: 32cm, H: 19cm. Seat height: 19 cm, Max. rider weight: 30kg

Baghera Speedster Fire Engine

Best Kid's Ride On Christmas 2013

Playing at being a fire fighter can now be taken one step further with this fab Baghera fire engine. It has a real retro look whilst being made from genuine good old fashioned materials – no cheap plastic here, just wood, metal and rubber put together with craftsmanship and style. Features include padded seat, fire engine bell and a rack at the rear to put on your fire fighting outfit. Dimensions: 37 x 72 cm. Seat height 26 cm

Classic ‘Harry’ Pedal Car

Best Ride on Toys for Kids 2013


I was looking to find a Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and was very surprised not to find one, however, here is the next best thing, another metal bodied car, this time manufactured by a company called Great Gizmos that produces a wide range of early 20th Century looking vintage toy cars. As you can see, there is a high attention to detail, both with the body work and with features like the wind-up starter at the front, traditional front lights, old-fashioned radiator grille and mock fold up roof at the rear. Truly Scrumptious would have loved this.

Not found what you are looking for? Then try here for lots more ride ons.

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