New Abridged Romeo and Juliet for Teachers and Children

Romeo and Juliet AbridgedThere is a new abridged Romeo and Juliet available for pupils and teachers. ‘Romeo and Juliet: Abridged for Schools and Performance ‘ is specially for teachers and students of English and drama. It’s is a pacy and engaging version of the Shakespeare play that maintains the coherence of the plot and contains all the essential elements needed for classroom study and dramatic performance.

It’s ideal for the updated National Curriculum which requires teachers to move away from focusing on one or two scenes to actually engaging with the play from start to finish. This version of the play does this by carefully removing extraneous scenes and editing the text to ensure that it is easier to follow and understand than the original.

Drama teachers can use it in a number of ways. The abridged version is just over an hour in length and it is perfect for using in drama lessons for working on short scenes in small groups.

The book is also ideal for children who want to have a go at reading the original text for the first time but who may struggle with it’s complexity and wordiness.



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