Best UK Based All Inclusive Family Activity Holidays from £20 PPPN

If you’re looking for an affordable, UK based, all inclusive family activity holiday you’ll never forget, then Real Family Holidays have got the ideal solution. If your kids spend too long glued to a screen and never seem to get out and do all those exciting things we did when we were young, then this may be the perfect antidote. This is your chance, mums and dads, to relive your younger days while showing your own kids how to really have fun outdoors.

Best family activity holidays 2014

The UK based holidays on offer here are genuine adventures that will really challenge your kids whilst getting them to experience new things and accomplish new achievements – and there are many activities on offer to suit all adventurous types.

How about their ‘Surviving the Wild’ activity? Here you and your children will learn genuine skills for surviving in the wild. You’ll have to use the surrounding natural materials to make your own shelter, make string from willow or nettle and learn ow to light a camp fire to cook.

If you are up for getting wet then you can go white water rafting along the River Tay, the largest river in Scotland. riding through the rapids and eddies including those of the Grand Tully slalom course. There’s also canoeing, sail boating and even surfing lessons on offer.

For those who get a thrill from a sense of danger there’s caving, climbing  rock faces and ghylls, high ropes, zip wires and even a 35 feet leap of faith jump. Combine all this with bug hunting, rock pooling, orienteering, trekking into the widerness and going on a British wildlife safari.

How can kids not enjoy these experiences? Even if they’ve spent the rest of their lives stuck to the iPad, these will be truely brilliant experiences for kids to do – and of course, you too!

Real Family Holidays have 6 centres based in the countryside throughout the UK. From the highlands of  Scotland, rugged Wales, the Lake District all the way down to Plymouth. Although not all the centres offer all the activities, you’ll find other activities suited to the local area available.

Accommodation is inside the rural centres. These vary depending on where you go. So for example, in Snowdonia, you’d be staying in a historic Georgian country house. Where as the house in Scotland is a more stately country mansion. All the centres are small and accommodate only a small number of families at a time and these are people you’ll most likely be adventuring with.

Although they are not 5 star hotels, you will find them comfortable and well equipped. These are not youth hostel types accommodation, they are more like hotel where you have your own private rooms but share other facilities like the dining and public rooms with other guests.  Facilities include things likes games rooms, lounges, TV/DVD facilities and of course, outdoor areas in a natural environment with some stunning views. There are a variety of different facilities available outdoors, depending on which centre you choose.

Best UK family activity holidays 2014 best activity holidays 2014 Best uk All inclusive family activity holidays

As for pricing, I think I’m saving the best til last. The price per person per night is £20.00. For every three nights you pay for you get an extra night free! Some of their centres are also offering an early bird price of £16.50 per person per night. Short 3 night breaks (with an extra free 4th) are available.

So, a week’s holiday with Real Family Holidays for a family of four will cost £396 if booked in 2013 and £480 in 2014. Now, if that’s not value for money, what is?

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