Fab Family Theatre – The Tempest by Red Rose Chain

The Tempest Red Rose Chain

Looking for a great family theatre experience?

We’ve been going to see Red Rose Chain productions for the last few years and travel 200 miles for the pleasure. It’s worth the journey. After our first experience, The Taming of The Shrew, we were completely hooked. It was one of those rare productions where you laugh so hard for so long you have trouble breathing.

The Shrew was followed, last year, by the equally amazing A Midsummer Night’s Dream which we reviewed at the time. If you read the review, you’ll see why it was such a fabulous experience for the whole family. The kids enjoyed it so much we just had to see more.

At Christmas, we travelled to Red Rose Chain’s indoor Avenue Theatre to see their production of Beatrix Potter’s, The Adventures of Mr Tod. Being indoors and at Christmas, this was a completely different production. With an ingenious mix of theatrical techniques that enchanted, excited and entertained, it was a truly inspired production that adults and kids alike were blown away by –  the perfect show in the run up to Christmas and an ideal antidote to the run of the mill pantos.

Long before Harry Potter, there was Prospero…

This summer, Red Rose Chain are back at their usual outdoor venue, the Theatre in The Forest, at Jimmy’s Farm, near Ipswich. This time, they’re cooking up a storm  with another of Shakespeare’s magical plays, The Tempest, and, of course, we can’t wait to see how Red Rose Chain will bring the wizard Prospero, the tricksy spirit, Ariel, and the other colourful figures to life.

If you haven’t experienced Red Rose Chain performing at night in a fairy-light lit forest, you should. It’s the most idyllic of settings for a hugely entertaining evening that everyone will enjoy. Go – and take your kids with you. We’ll see you there. Keep your eye out for the Robin Reliant – and don’t forget to bring along a picnic and a glass of Prosecco.

For more information visit the Red Rose Chain website.

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