Inspirational Boys Bedroom Ideas

Uni Nature : Classic style nursery/kids room by Möbelgeschäft MEBLIK

Uni Nature by Möbelgeschäft MEBLIK

When looking for inspirational boys bedroom ideas, you have to understand what a bedroom means to a boy. It’s much more than somewhere to sleep at the end of the day; it’s a playroom, a place to hang out with friends, a study, a creative space and importantly, a retreat where they can escape the world and have some privacy.

Multi-zoned boys’ bedrooms

Once you understand this, you are halfway there. You’ll know that you need to create a multi-zoned room and not just somewhere to stick the bed and hang the clothes. Multi-zoned rooms, of course, need careful planning. You will have to look at the space you have and consider where things should go in order to fit everything in. Where will the bed go? The closet? The desk? Where do you find space to accommodate that group of friends who’ve come around to play games on the Xbox? And what about the drum kit and the growing collection of Lego creations?

A room that grows up with the boy

A boy’s bedroom is also a dynamic space. As they grow, boys don’t just change in the way they look, they also change in their minds. And as they change, so their rooms need to adapt to accommodate their emerging personality. The toys they now cherish will change to gadgets and sports gear and those pictures of Superman will become posters of supermodels. One day, that pirate ship bed will seem totally at odds with the young guy getting ready to go surfing with his mates.

Chambre d’ado surfer : Eclectic style nursery/kids room by cecile kokocinski

Chambre d’ado surfer by cecile kokocinski

When looking for boys bedroom ideas, we need to consider the inevitable changes. Our bedrooms can stay the same for years because we don’t change much. A boy’s bedroom design is different; just like their shoes – sooner rather than later, they will have outgrown it.

Affordable adaptability

However, whilst changing shoes regularly is an expense most of us can afford, changing the bedroom décor and furniture regularly is not something within most parents’ budgets. So, when looking for inspirational boys bedroom ideas, we also need to consider adaptability. What can we create that will last the test of time and can be changed as the boy grows up? One example of an adaptable piece of children’s bedroom furniture is a cot bed. As a baby, you use it as a cot, then, as the baby becomes a toddler you remove the sides and it becomes a bed. It can last from birth until the child is four or five years old.

Bedroom painting in London NW3 : Modern nursery/kids room by Adrian Lesicki Decorating


To find truly inspirational ideas we have to consider other aspects of boys’ bedrooms which can be easily adapted or morphed into something with a greater longevity; and which will also meet the needs of the growing child. This can be quite a speculative task considering we don’t know what things our children are going to be into in the future; this year cricket, next year rugby, the year after football.

One thing we can probably guess at is that as they become older, it’s more likely that a sense of style will dictate how they want their bedrooms to be designed. Once they start getting into trendy clothes they’ll want their room to look like a cool pad that reflects their identity. It will also have to be better than their mates’ bedrooms.

Take inspiration from others

The good news is that there is help at hand. Professional designers and inspired amateurs have been through this process before us and put their ideas into practice. Thanks to the internet, you can find their fabulously boys bedroom ideas online and can mix, match borrow and adapt their designs to suit your own child, your own space and your own budget.

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