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The pumpkins are on sale again in the supermarkets and adverts for Halloween events are starting to appear everywhere. Even the local swimming pool is having a Halloween Swim and when we went yesterday Frankenstein was staring at us as we played in the pool.

Of course, as soon as the kids see these things, the excitement of Halloween begins to grow. My girls have already started to pick up the scary books from the bookshelf and we’ve had requests to watch Ghostbusters, Casper and The Addams Family over the last weekend. We’ve also had the growing expectations of Halloween night itself: getting dressed up in their scary costumes and going trick or treating.

It’s the costumes that have caused most discussion. They’ve already rooted through the dressing up box, pulled out last year’s witch outfits and, because they’ve grown so much, struggled got get into them. Only the pointy hats, which were too big  last year, fit comfortably. Getting new ones is now a priority – and there are some fantastic kids Halloween costumes about.

Below, I’ve put a selection of  the ones my daughters liked the best on Amazon. Take a look.


Girls’ Halloween Costumes

Best halloween Costumes for Kids  Best halloween costumes for kids best halloween costume for kids best halloween costumes for kidsbest halloween costumes for kidsbest halloween costume for kids best halloween costume for kidsBest halloween costumes for kids


Boys Halloween Costumes


Best Halloween Costumes for Kidsbest halloween costumes for kidsbest halloween costumes for kids Halloween halloween


These are just a small selection that my daughters chose as their favourites, however, Amazon has lots more styles available – including costumes for adults if you are going to dress up yourself when you take your kids trick or treating. They’re all reasonable priced and can be delivered in time for the big night. Find at Amazon

And don’t forget the pumpkins!








































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Enterprising mumsBeing a busy mum of four young children can be hectic, but it can also reap surprising benefits in unexpected ways as accessory designer Sinead Soan discovered.

When Sinead’s daughter, Isabel, kept asking for ribbon bows in her hair, Sinead started to make her own. It became a hobby and soon she was experimenting with a wide range of fabulous fabric prints and bright colours.

From there she began to put her ribbons on to other accessories for Isabel, designing headbands, socks, hats, even tutus.

It wasn’t long before other mums asked where she had bought them and from here on she began to get requests to make her accessories for other girls too. Suddenly, out of a hobby, a business was created. Belle’s Ribbons had been born.

Still in its infant stages, enterprising mum, Sinead, is now beginning to sell her fantastic designs to other mums from her facebook page and is looking into opening up a store on Etsy in the near future. We wish her lots of luck with the venture.

You can look at more of her designs and order some for your own daughters at the Belle’s Ribbons Facebook Page .

Enterprising mums at verybestforkids.com Enterprising mumsEnterprising mums

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How many times do you take your kids out to find that there are other kids wearing the same clothes? Shopping at a kids’ clothing boutique is one way to avoid this. Boutiques are not mass market, they sell to a smaller clientele and have unique designs that there’s much less chance of someone else having. Whilst they can be a little more expensive, sometimes it’s worth it for a one-off item to treat your kid to.

Here are 4 kids fashion boutiques we’d thought you’d like and that we’re sure most of your friends won’t have heard of!

Tea Collection

With their globally inspired prints and chunky knitwear, we love Tea Collection‘s new range of children’s outfits. They make truly beautiful clothes for beautiful kids and this latest Tea Collection ticks every box for both boys’ and girls’ outfits. As Autumn or Fall, whichever you call it, approaches, you find their designs make your kids stand out from the crowd whilst staying warm.

The fashion designers at Tea Collection travel the world looking for ideas to design their kids’ clothes. They use only high-quality fabrics and the garments are made to endure. They are available for children up to the age of 12. Go check them out in the video by clicking below.

Visit teacollection.com here




Worn by Prince George and Princess Charlotte, the Amaia collection includes some very chic blouses, gorgeous floral print dresses, classy collared shirts and brilliantly coloured jumpers. We love the red ones especially. Catering from baby up to young teens, there is something for everyone here including a wide selection of

We love the red ones especially. Catering from baby up to young teens, there is something for everyone here including a wide selection of  well designed children’s accessories,  shoes and even Christening outfits.

Amaia has a different style of kids’ clothing completely. Their collections feature classic designs in bold colours and stripes that certainly have an impact. The look is a mixture of retro and contemporary with a distinctly early 20th Century, European look to the clothing that makes them look quite ‘well to do’. They’re the sort of clothes you’d expect to see on children of parents with taste.

Visit Amaia


kids boutiques

Kids BoutiquesHartstrings

We’re sure you’ll absolutely adore the new collection of boys’ and girls’ clothes from Hartstrings.

A fresh range of distinctive designs in seasonal colours that look fantastic and will keep your kids feeling snug as the autumn weather settles in. There’s different ranges of clothing for boys and girls, each with a unique style – the Neo Geo girl’s collection uses bold geometric prints, whilst the Voyage collection is internationally inspired.

They also have a massive sale going on at the moment with up to 65% off, so grab a bargain whilst you can!

Visit Hartstrings


5 Very Best Boutiques for kids Marie Puce

No discussion of children’s boutiques would be complete without including a French designer in the mix and Marie Puce is one we thought whose clothes were something special. A designer for Liberty, she now designs her own range of fab clothing.

Chic lines and subtle colours give a real Parisienne feel to the outfits, whilst brightly coloured detailing and Liberty prints give them a unique ‘je ne sais quoi’.  Marie Puce uses only the best fabrics to ensure the outstanding quality – but the prices are reasonable. For girls and boys up to 12 years old (some styles up to age 18).

Visit Marie Puce




All opinions in this review are our own, however, we may be compensated should you make a purchase through the links provided.

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