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Congratulations to Jenny Q who has won our first ever giveaway on She is now the proud owner of a copy of Jonny Duddle’s ‘The Pirate Cruncher.’

Thanks to all who entered.

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About ‘The Pirate Cruncher’

Our daughters adore this fantastic book by Jonny Duddle. His illustrations are absolutely fab: highly detailed, bright, funny and colourful with lots of hidden things to spot every time you read it – and your kids will want you to read it with them a lot.

Written in rhyme with a real sea shanty feel to the rhythm, the story is about a  mysterious fiddler who shares a treasure map with Captain Purplebeard and his crew of greedy pirates.

After they set sail to find the treasure, the fiddler gives them a fearful warning about a pirate-eating monster, but Captain Purplebeard carries on on his quest, regardless.  As they sail across the seas the crew become increasingly unnerved by the fiddler’s terrifying song. The crew, as to be expected  eventually come to meet the dreaded pirate cruncher – but there’s a very unexpected twist on the spectacular fold out page at the end!

There is so much to learn, see and here in this book that it has to be one of our very best reads of all time.


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Giveaway verybestforkids.comOther books by Jonny Duddle

Pirates Next Door

Jonny Duddle’s second book Pirates Next Door is illustrated in the same fab way as The Pirate Cruncher – lots of highly detailed, fun illustrations with lots of hidden things to spot as you look at them and the wonderful fold our page with the story’s twist at the end.

This book, again written in roll off the tongue rhyme is the hilarious story of  the Jolley-Rogers – a pirate family, who have decided to move to Dull-on-Sea, a too quiet seaside town where nothing ever happens – until of course the pirate family move in! Whilst waiting to  mend their ship, this quirky family get the whole town gossiping and spreading rumours.

Against the wishes of the grown-ups, Matilda, from next door befriends with the youngest pirate son. And when the Jolly-Rogers finally have their ship repaired and leave,  the townsfolk discover their rumours were wrong – the Jolly Rogers had buried treasure in everyone’s gardens. This makes Matilda feel very sad until she discovers her own treasure!.

Again, my girls thought this book is absolutely fantastic and is a brilliant addition to your collection that will certainly rival the Gruffalo.


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Book Giveaway verybestforkids.comKing of Space

Beautiful, detailed illustrations abound once more in Duddle’s latest book that has another fun story with a moral to be learned just like the previous pirate books. With aliens, warbots, dung-blasters, and more, this is truly imaginative intergalactic adventure – and this time there is more text to be read with a slightly longer tale.

The story follows Rex, who although he may look like your usual six-year-old, living on his parents’ moog farm and attending the mini intergalactic citizen school, knows he’s destined someday to become the King of Space!

With the aid of his unsuspecting friends, Rex disobeys his parents and begins his conquest of the known universe. But, and here’s the moral of the story, he goes too far, kidnapping the Emperor’s daughter and bribing her with ‘choco-goo’. Now the tables turn and the might of the Galactic Alliance come after him. Who can rescue Rex now?


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