Best Toy Box Storage Solution

Stacking toy box

After a near life-changing incident with an abandoned roller skate left inconspicuously near the top of the stairs, it was quickly decided by the family’s health and safety executive, i.e me, that a new toy box was in order. You’ve been there, I know!

Cutting a long story short, and thankful for the many hours I didn’t need to spend in accident and emergency, I went searching for a new toy box to put an end to the kids’ bedroom storage issues. There were some reasonably decent priced ones about, but having previously bought others that disintegrated after only a while of being jumped on, climbed over, sat on and rammed full, we decided to go for something that was a little more on the sturdy side.

We also wanted something that stacked well, in order to accommodate the growing family of stuffed toys. The girls also wanted something pink. The last one we bought we painted ourselves. When I say we, I mean the whole family! The pink background was painted fairly evenly but some of the home-painted fairies would have given me nightmares if I’d slept anywhere near them. Needless to say, we ended up hiding them behind better looking stickers.

This time, we were buying proper, well made, attractive toy boxes. Ones which could be delivered to the door, and already pink  no painting needed. whilst it doesn’t overpower the room it does swallow up a lot of the clutter and those evil roller skates.The toy boxes shown we bought from GTLC. They have loads more on offer too. Go have a nosey.

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