Yummy Bag for Mummy

We all know that when it comes to taking the kids out there is always need for a decent bag to carry stuff in. Besides your own essentials, there’s always the need for those other little life savers: wipes, plasters, a drinks bottle. Perhaps you can squeeze a cardigan in just in case it gets a little chilly. Oh, and just a few nibbles in case they get hungry!

There are times when I wished we still had a pushchair to put it all in. These days, however, its down to a decent sized bag that is well made and looks good.

Here we have found an ideal bag for mums which can be used on all occasions.  Sporting Cath Kidston’s famously pretty spots. It’s a hard wearing and spacious shoulder bag that can be used without the shoulder straps when you don’t need to use your hands to control which way the kids are running.  It’s definitely a ‘yummy mummy’ must have as far as were concerned. You can grab yourselves one at Cath Kidston


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