12 Weird Christmas Traditions From Around The World

If you think your family has some odd traditions at Chrsitmas, take a look at these 12 weird Christmas traditions from around the world. There are some quite fun ones here and some odd ones too.

For some reasons shoes crop up a lot in various ways, but my favourite oddity has to be the strange ‘Caganer’ character Italians, Spaniards and Portuguese have in their nativity set. I wonder if they have these in the Vatican – doubt it? If anyone can let me know where this tradition began, please leave a comment at the end, I would love to know.

One thing I’m thankful for is that I’m not having traditions Christmas in Greenland this year. Kiviak, as they call it is certainly not something I’d spend Christmas Eve dreaming of. If anyone has ever eaten Kiviak (and survivied) let us know what it was like.



12 Christmas Traditions From Around The World

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