5 Unconventional Family Vacation Ideas

Unconventional Family Vacation Ideas

Family travels are some of the most amazing memories one can get in a lifetime. Besides the many other benefits traveling with family can carry, it can strengthen the bonds between the family members and help you introduce a whole new world to your children. The latter one is the main reason why you should look beyond the conventional vacation destinations and trips, such as Disneyland and classical beach holidays. If planned and chosen well, your trips can be one-of-a-kind adventure and you will get the most out of your family vacation. Here are some of the best family vacations you probably never thought about before.

1. Travel locally/regionally

Think about your city/region and how well you actually know it. We tend to set our eyes to the far horizons without taking a look what is around us. Exploring your own city, region and country can make your children appreciate their origins and history more. You would be surprised just how many chances for adventure you have in your own “backyard”, no matter where you live. Make a list of all the museums, National parks, galleries, theatres and other tourist sites you should see, and learn something about them, so that you can pass on that knowledge to your kids.

2. Outside-the-box family destinations

Unconventional Family Vacation Ideas snorkeling

There are some common vacation destinations that are on every must-visit list, but why would not you think outside of the box and ditch Mexico for Peru? Both you and your kids will enjoy the incredible sight of Machu Picchu, and even for less cash. When in Europe, forget the classical Mediterranean destinations, such as Italy and Spain and opt for the undiscovered pearls like Croatia or Montenegro for inspiring snorkeling adventures. Or if you are up for a great beach destination go to Mozambique and see that there is much more to Africa than safaris.

3. An adventurous family road trip

adventure family holidays

There is nothing quite like a road trip to bond the family and become an unforgettable adventure. To make it even more exciting, why not take a motorcycle road trip? Traveling with your kids on motorcycle might seem too risky, so make sure you are properly protected and equipped with full-coverage kids’ helmets, goggles, leather jacket, good gloves, heavy long pants, belts for the rider with handholds for the passenger and the remaining motorcycle gear for a travel journey. If you decide to opt for this endeavor, travel short distances, to be even safer.

4. Work for the weekend

And here we do not mean some kind of child labor exploitation, but the fun experience of getting back to the basics by spending some time on a ranch. Your kids will fall in love in discovering farm life, taking care of animals, collecting eggs and especially horseback riding. This is also a great way to save some money on your vacation, because you will work for your stay. Besides, the food on ranches is usually extraordinary, so it is well worth the work.

5. An active family vacation

With the extraordinary popularity of high-tech gadgets and video games, the kids are used to spend much time in the house in front of the screen. It seems to be very difficult to get them outside, but if you find something that will keep them interested and excited about the trip, you will be surprised with the results. Some of the most fun active vacation ideas are:

  • Cycling
  • Hiking
  • Rafting
  • Camping
  • Geocaching
  • Zipline courses
  • Ropes courses
  • Boating
  • Wellness-focused family resort
  • Multisport adventures
  • Skiing, etc.


As you see, there is so much more to a family vacation than just sunbathing at some famous beach, and it is very important for the children to understand the same. By discovering a world of differences, they will grow to become better persons with an added itch for exploration.

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