8 Amazing UK Theme Parks for Kids in 2016

UK popular theme parks for kids

Kids love to be where all the action unfolds and where fun-filled activities abound. So why not indulge them with an action-packed trip to some of the most wonderful and popular theme parks in the UK? This way, you can give your family, especially the kids, a gala time and let them enjoy an unforgettable day.

Besides, theme parks or amusements parks bring the tummy-tingling prospects of the excitement and thrills of rides, rollercoasters, toy trains, wild animals and lush green carpets of grass. These popular theme parks in the UK are sure to redefine the meaning of fun for your kids. With plenty of avenues for adventure, they won’t blink for even a second!

Here are some popular theme parks in the UK:

West Midland Safari & Leisure Park

As the name suggests, this park is a wonderful blend of safari and amusement park. So, on one hand, visitors find roller coasters and thrill rides to relish, while on the other, they get the juicy prospect of a drive-through safari. With over 600 exotic animals, your love for the jungle is sure to be satiated here. It also has insect and reptile houses to keep kids hooked. A handful of water-based rides can promise you a good, fun-filled soaking too. .  

Thorpe Park, Surrey

Pay a visit here to see and experience some of the biggest roller coasters in Europe. Just 20 miles from London, the park near Chertsey is packed with rides to test the nerves of visitors of all age groups. Small children may not find the level of thrill and excitement suiting their tender age but they will have a great time with the jungle where a vibrating bridge and water jets will try to scare them  – mildly.

Legoland Windsor, Berkshire  

Toddlers love to be here! The park has everything that suits little kids and families alike. It’s basically an entry-level theme park where rollercoasters don’t scare as much as big children expect. This picturesque park sits in charming grounds and delights kids for its Lego built giraffes, crocodiles and pirates. Take your kids here as the park is just fantastic for younger child-level fun.

Flamingo Land

Visit Flamingo Land to relish the great variety of roller coasters and thrill rides it has to offer. The park has a lot of attractions to guarantee you a brilliant day, including an impressive zoo, cable cars and monorails. A train is also available to give children a fun ride around the park. With plenty of lodges and camping sites within its grounds, accommodation and fun never run out of supply here.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

The park is the perfect place to seek thrills and excitement. With over 40 amazing rides, the tap of pleasure never runs dry, with both wooden and steel roller coasters available. Kids are sure to like the water rides here as they induce anyone into the pool. Kids and family have many options at Blackpool Pleasure Beach with attractions including fairground rides, amusement arcades and go-karts.

Alton Towers

Without a doubt, Alton Towers is one of the most popular theme parks in the UK and a must-visit destination. It is full of high-speed coasters and gives frights that deliver adrenaline-pumped fun to all age groups. Besides, it’s one of the perfect places for family and kids to enjoy water-borne thrills. Child-friendly rides abound in the park, together with a cable car and monorail. For nature-lovers, it also has large, charming gardens to explore.

Drayton Manor

This theme park ranks among the most popular in the UK and it does justice to the tag. Kids would love to spend their time here thanks to its many roller coasters, thrill and water rides. There’s even a zoo to enjoy and a fabulous guided monorail tour. With plenty of rides, quality time is never an issue at Drayton manor.

Crealy’s Great Adventure Park, Devon

Visit this park to enjoy more than 60 rides and have an amazing family day out. The best part about the rides is that they are set amongst the picturesque Devon countryside. Water rides and swing rides will keep the kids hooked for hours. In addition, it has an animal bar and many play areas to seek fun-filled moments for kids.


There are top-quality theme parks all across the UK and you can have superb family experiences at them all. So, plan accordingly and head to one of these great UK theme parks to give your kids a truly special vacation.

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