Teething – Signs Your Baby is About to Start

teething signs

Here’s some advice from our friendly neighborhood nurse on signs that your baby is about to start teething.

Drooling, irritable, rubbing the face: all textbook symptoms of what? Mommy and Daddy the morning after the Steve Winwood concert? No, reader. These are a few of the symptoms that your baby is teething. What may seem like common fussiness or displeasure, may, in fact, be indicators that your little one’s incisors are about to make their grand entrance. The joys of parenting are indeed infinite, but if we learn to keep an eye out for a few visual signs from baby, we’ll be able to better care his incoming primary teeth.

Ask your friendly neighborhood CNA what to watch for, and they’ll tell you what they learned through diligent commitment to coursework. They’ll relay that a teething baby is one who: drools excessively; pushes food away; is more irritable than usual; has difficulty sleeping; rubs his face, and attempts to bite and chew everything he touches.

Until baby learns to speak, here’s what the experts at WebMD suggest to watch for, as “Primary teeth usually erupt in a certain order:

  1. The two bottom front teeth (central incisors)
  2. The four upper front teeth (central and lateral incisors)
  3. The two lower lateral incisors
  4. The first molars
  5. The four canines (located on either side next to the upper and lower lateral incisors)
  6. The remaining molars on either side of the existing line of teeth”

As these lower incisors ascend within the bottom gum, we see the tough, pink encasement begin to swell. The area’s candied hue gives way to a translucent white bulb. These nubby white mounds may last for days.

Poorly slept nights pass while Mom & Dad nearly forget what six straight hours of slumber feel like. They speculate and wager on when his teeth will “cut the gum”. They begin to question the natural laws of their own reality. Time bends. Space itself expands. The natural world caverns, collapsing in on itself and drawing all the nourishing sunlight into its vacuous, imploding center…

And then his tooth breaks through! And he sleeps through the night! And his appetite returns! And he doesn’t rub his face as much! Or drool so voluminously!

Order is restored to the home. The Mommy and the Daddy look and feel better. Baby feels better. His tiny, adorable baby bottom incisors are gleaming bright. He’s feeling stronger, and more confident about his meal choices. All is well.

Until his top lateral incisor begins to swell…

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