What Teenagers Really Want for Their Birthday

what teenagrs really want for their birthday

Buying a birthday gift is never easy since you always have to take into consideration the personality and likes of someone else, but shopping for a teenager’s birthday can prove to be especially tricky. You can always ask a teen what they actually want for their birthday but if you want it to be a surprise, you should carefully observe them and get an insight into their tastes as well as hobbies. Of course, there are some general gift options that could help you with your choice.

Technological gifts

Teenagers love technology and they probably know a lot more about it than their parents. New phone or a personalized phone case, selfie light and wireless headphones are obvious choices when it comes to modern teens but some would also be very happy to receive a tablet, cool new speakers, the latest game console or the popular recently released game, etc. Cameras, especially Polaroid ones, and music players are also very popular among the teens.

Jewelry and accessories

teen jewelry birthday

Having some kind of bling going on is very important for teenagers regardless of their personal style. While jewelry seems like a more appropriate gift for a girl, during their teen years usually both boys and girls enjoy wearing statement earrings and cool rings to show off their individuality. Checking out the jewelry style of a teen you’re buying a gift for is fairly easy and, in this regard, this might be your best option when shopping for a present.

Interests and hobbies

Teens are very protective over the things they enjoy doing in their free time. They also appreciate when someone supports their creativity. This being said, another great type of gift for teenagers would definitely be something that would encourage them to pursue their interests further. Be it music, literature, painting, sports, or some other type of activity, there’s a lot of options to choose from for any type of interest or hobby the teens may have.

Clothing bits and pieces

teen birthday clothes

Unique clothing style is also something that teens love to rock in order to show their individuality and personality. Therefore, getting them vouchers for clothing stores is definitely not a bad idea for a gift. By being able to pick and choose their one piece swimwear, sweater,  jacket, hat jeans, shoes and other possible garments they will find this kind of gift much more useful and appreciate it a lot more than having their clothes picked out for them. Not to mention that, when clothes are concerned, you can never be 100% sure what will actually catch the teen’s eye and it’s always better to leave the act of shopping to them.

Room décor

Another big part of teen years is having their own room decorated according to their respected taste. Most teens simply love to do something fun, unusual and creative with their room interior. You might like it or not, but it’s a way for them to incorporate their sensibility into their surroundings even more and therefore feel more comfortable with themselves. So, you might want to consider an effective room décor addition for the teenager’s birthday gift. If you actually don’t know what their preferred style in decoration is, your safe bet will always be lazy bags, speaker chairs, dream catchers and unique memory boxes.

Teenage years are a special time when they reflect upon themselves and search for their true personality and way of life. During those years it’s important to understand that their likes and dislikes can drastically change in a short while so make sure to be very attentive and careful when choosing a birthday gift for them. You can even ask some of their friends for help.

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