Free Santa Clause Personalized Video Message for Kids

If you’re looking for something to make Christmas super special for your kids this year, then there’s nothing more magical than a personalized video message from Santa. And you can do this completely for free, by going to PNP. I’ve sent their amazing videos for the past five years and my kids absolutely love it. It’s made in such a clever way that they really believe it is from Santa!


How PNP’s Santa Video Message is Personalized

PNP have put a lot of thought into how to personalize their Santa video messages. They cleverly use the information you provide to show the children that Santa knows all about them. In the video he addresses them by name and then tells or shows them:

  • their school year
  • where in the world they come from
  • what they want for Christmas
  • what kind of things they like to do
  • what things they have been trying hard to achieve
  • a picture of themselves

This PNP message is presented in a number of enchanting ways. Santa talks directly to the children, he shows them where they live on a world map and then he produces a special book with your child’s name on it. Inside are lots of secret facts about them that only Santa could possibly know.  The effect, when your children hear that Santa knows so much about them is amazing. They instantly believe it’s really Santa sending them the video message.

The Ultimate Christmas Thrill

The most exciting part of the video is when Santa checks whether your kids are on the naughty or nice list. This is done in such a way it really builds up anticipation and excitement. My kids jump up and down with happiness when the find out they are on the nice list – once, my eldest daughter even cried with joy.

Portable North Pole does give you the option to put your child onto the naughty and undecided list if you want, however, these videos are so realistic it would break your child’s heart. I think that option is just in case you have decided to ask Santa to send a message to an adult friend who you want to tease in the run up to Christmas.

A Close Look Around Santa’s North Pole

Another great feature of the PNP video is a tour of Santa’s North Pole home. We see his study, his toy factory and they get to see the elves and reindeer as well. The scenery is very authentic looking; just as you would image Santa’s home to be. It’s all part of the magic that PNP are experts at producing.

The Perfect Santa

One of the most magical things about the Portable North Pole video is the PNP Santa. He completely looks the part and he has such a warm, gentle and hearty voice which fully matches the lovable personality he puts across. Kids just want to hug him. A real grandfatherly figure.

What’s the best thing about the PNP Santa video?

Oh, yes, it’s absolutely 100% free. Though, if you want to add even more features, there’s a premium version available for about the price of a decent cup of coffee.

Premium PNP Video

The premium Santa video is significantly longer than the free one and offers unique video clips of Santa’s North Pole that aren’t included in the free version, There’s a wider variety of scenarios to choose from, the option to add up to 5 personal pictures and include the names of up to four members of your family.

New for 2015 is the PNP Unlimited Holiday Pass package. Again for a small fee you can:

  • Create unlimited Premium video messages – excellent if you have more than one child
  • Create unlimited phone calls from Santa
  • Get the bonus Christmas Eve video message – sent directly from Santa’s sleigh as he sets off to deliver presents
  • Watch your videos and make your calls on any device with the free mobile app (coming soon)
  • Save all your video messages (free ones are only available for a limited time once Christmas comes to an end)

Calls can also be purchased separately if you wish, but the Holiday package offers the better deal, especially if you have more than one child.

The other new thing that they have introduced is the Santa’s Village section of the website. Here you can read Christmas stories, download colouring in sheets, look at other people’s shared picture collections and even take a look behind the scenes at Santa’s workshop.

Whichever option you choose, your children will love it. Go on, make their Christmas.

You can find out all this and more at


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