5 Perfect Valentine’s Gifts for Dads

valentines gifts for dads

The answer to the question you have probably been asking yourself these days lies in psychology. More specifically, in emotional differences between men and women. Women are more personal than men, they are interested in building rapport with other people. Life, according to a woman, is a struggle to preserve intimacy. Men, on the other hand, are concerned with power, independence and practicalities. This means that a perfect Valentine’s gift for a dad is something functional he can use on a day to day basis, something which can help him be independent. Here are a few suggestions to consider.

Make him feel good with a cosmetics gift set

A shaving set is a good option. But choose the one consisting of not only a razor and a shaving cream or an after-shave balm, but pre-shave oil, as well as the best beard trimmer. The pre-shave oil protects against irritation and it is suitable for any beard type. A convenient travel set with a facial cleanser, a shave balm, a face moisturizer, a cleanser for hair and body and a lip balm is multi-functional present every guy will love. As with your own cosmetics, avoid products containing harsh ingredients such as parabens, sulfates and phthalates.

Sports underwear – comfort for him, eye candy for you

underwear for dads

You will agree that there is nothing more practical than a pair of comfy sports underwear. But, which one to choose? Leo Fit – Sports by Leonisa with its latest collection offers underwear made of high-quality materials, including cotton and polyamide to ensure long-lasting wear. Look for a firm control tank as its design improves physique, firms chest and helps correct posture. Together with flexible and comfortable boxer briefs, you can be sure he will love your gift.

Multi-functional sandwich maker and a cookbook

The more functions a sandwich maker has, the better, For example, you can find the one with several layers for cooking eggs or cheese inside the sandwich. On the other hand, there are sandwich presses coming with 12 different grill plates for making sandwiches, pancakes, donuts, wafers, etc. When it comes to a cookbook, consider Nancy Silverton’s Sandwich Book: The Best Sandwiches Ever–from Thursday Nights at Campanile. Sandwich, condiments and spread recipes are all included in this easy-to-follow book.

Grab a smart watch for the gadget geek

smart watch for dads           

A smart watch worth your money should have good performance, a good battery life and a stylish design. Some of the smart watches come with GPS included, too. On the other hand, if your hubby is a fitness enthusiast, choose a smart watch and sleep tracker all in one. These kinds of gadgets usually have the following features: a digital watch, a fitness tracker, a daily step counter, calorie consumption management, a sleep cycle monitor, a distance tracker and call and text message notification settings.

Get some peace – buy him headphones

headphones for dads

With a new baby on the scene, he’ll no longer be able to max out the sound sytem. Keep him happy with a pair of headphones. If you are looking for a portable pair, opt for in-ear headphones as they are discreet, provide excellent sound and block out the outside noise. When it comes to on-ear headphones, read various reviews as some of them do not make a good seal with ears which can lead to poor quality of the sound. Over-ear headphones are large and comfortable, but a little bit conspicuous at the same time. Semi-open over-ear headphones are less common, smaller and better reduce sound leakage. Hi-Fi headphones are the best headphones for home use. They offer the best sound quality, but their sound isolation is poor. For long flights, noise-cancelling headphones are usually used.

To help you decide which gift to buy, make a list of the things he is interested in and the things you know he needs at the moment. This will get you on the right track. Finally, do not forget to include a little bit of yourself by writing a cute note, for instance. Oh, and remind him that mummy likes nice gifts too.

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