How to Stay Fit as a New Dad

How to Stay Fit as a New Dad

Becoming a new dad is an amazing thing. You stop looking after yourself in order to look after the new number one, your kid. Everything changed now, and it is very hard to keep up with your fitness goals and routines. But becoming a father doesn’t mean you have to completely forget about yourself and your health. All you have to do is adapt to your new lifestyle, make some changes, and plan each day so you make the most of it.

Get quality sleep

Sleep is very important for a new dad. After you become a father, sleep is probably going to be something you are deprived of. This will make you a very ineffective person, you will eat more, you won’t think the right way, and it will destroy your hormone levels. Simply telling you to get more sleep isn’t an option, you will have to get up for 3 AM feedings, and to answer your child’s crying calls. It might seem odd, but getting some exercise can actually help you with sleep.

Exercise will increase the quality of sleep and you will feel more energetic throughout the day after you start exercising. As little as 10 minutes a day is enough for some light exercise. Try having a nap whenever possible, and make the room as dark as possible when you sleep. This will also help with your sleep quality.

Stay active

Stay fit as a dad

Life will be a little more than hectic after your baby is born. You probably are already busy at work, and you will be needed at home almost every moment of your spare time. But even in that chaos of being a new dad, you should still be able to squeeze in 30 minutes or an hour for a workout. As little as 30 minutes of working out is still better than sitting home in front of a TV and doing nothing.

Plan out every day, since your life is busier than ever. Consider going to the gym straight after work, it can save you from driving or running around town back and forth. Simply pack some gym clothing for men with you, and hit the gym before going home. You don’t need an awesome workout plan, simply stick to the tried and true methods. Lift some weights, run on a treadmill, skip a rope, do some quick explosive movements like box jumps or burpees.Simply staying active is going to do the trick.

Eat the new dad diet

Just because you’re a new dad doesn’t mean your quality of eating should decline. You need to eat properly so you have enough energy and to keep your immune system firing properly. Great tip for eating good and quality food is to prepare in advance. Simply learn how to make healthy meals that can be stored in the freezer and heated up when it is time to eat. When it comes to snacks, try opting for a healthier option. Go with some fruits, nuts, or vegetables.

Also, try dialing down on alcohol especially beer. Beer belly got its name for a reason. Hops, from which the beer is made, promote estrogen production. This will result in storing fat around your waistline, and the more fat you gain the more estrogen you will have. Alcohol will also prevent your body from using fat storages for energy, which again results in more fat gain.

You have a child to care of now, but the best way to look after your little one is to look after yourself. Use these tips and stay healthy for the days to come, maybe even set an example for your kid.

Peter is a lifestyle a writer for HighStyleLife magazine located in Brisbane, Australia. After graduating from Australian Institute of Creative Design, he worked as a freelance writer for many local newspapers. Besides fashion, he loves reading, cooking exotic meals and traveling around tropical destinations. His future plan is to create a personal blog about life-saving tips.

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