How to Help Your Kids Be Happy With Their New Home

How to Help Your Kids Be Happy With Their New Home

Children can be attached to their old home much as they can be attached to an old raggedy teddy bear. This means that moving to a new home can be a difficult transition that includes a sense of loss. Here are some things you can do to help ease their discomfort and help them be as happy as you are with the new home.

Include the kids when decorating your new home

Let your child help pick out some of the new decorations you will use in the home. For many children, this will encourage excitement as they get to be a bit creative, and it can comfort them to see their personal touch in the new space.

Make moving a celebration

For adults, the moving process can be stressful and tiring, no matter how much nicer the new home may be. Kids will pick up on this stress very easily. To help ease things and make it a happier experience, take time out to celebrate with fun foods, party decorations and anything you can think of that makes it feel more like a party than a chore.

Let the kids meet the real estate agent

Kids might have questions about the new home or the neighborhood, and your real estate agent can answer these questions to help put your children’s curiosity or fears at ease. The agent might also provide some fun facts about the area that make the home seem more intriguing to a child.

Help your kids claim their space

Moving to a new home can be intimidating and evoke feelings of powerlessness in kids who don’t feel they have a lot of choice in the matter. One way to help them with the transition to a new home is to give them some power over their own space. Let him choose a new item for the bedroom and allow him to decide, within reason, where the new bedroom furniture will go, the colors of the walls, and the decorating theme. When letting the kids choose their new rooms, make sure that sibling rivalry doesn’t cause any problems.

Point out your new home’s beauty, fun and charm

You already know what you like about your new home, but your children might need some persuasion. Things such as a large kitchen won’t be much of a selling point for a child, but a large yard, home theater or finished basement can be. Point out things such as skylights or a roomy garden where the child can plant a fairy garden. Gear this conversation towards whatever your child is most interested in.

Even small details, such as the proximity of a playground, can help your child be happier in the new home. After you have settled in, make sure to show them the neighborhood attractions and help them become familiar with the area. In a short time, your child should adjust and feel happy that you’ve invested in a new home.

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