Amazing App Brings Children’s Picture Books To Life

Goodnight lad interactive augmented reality children's bookI’m always interested in a project that has good intentions and one that I’ve recently come across is an interactive ‘augmented reality’ children’s book called Goodnight Lad, by Bradley Grimm. What Bradley has done is not only write a fantastic story about the night time adventures of a little boy who never sleeps, but he has also developed a free Android and IOS app that turns Miki Thrap’s fabulous 2D illustrations into 3D animations.

Quite simply, point your phone at the page and it comes to life. This is an idea that has the potential to change the way we interact with children’s books.

The inspiration for this new idea came when Bradley, an app designer with over 6 million downloads, was looking for ways to engage his son, Logan, in reading.

The idea is very clever: we all want our children to love books and by combining a good old fashioned book with the latest app technology, Bradley has come up with a unique way to engage young children in the world of fiction.

It’s this combination of the new and old that I find particularly appealing. You’ve still got the physical book there, you’ve still got the grown up reading and bringing the story to life with their voice, but in addition, the child can hold the phone and explore the world of the book in an entirely new way. It’s a way to make books far more attractive for the young ones and get them hooked into reading at a very early age.

Unfortunately, Goodnight Lad is not yet available to buy. Whilst the story and illustrations are complete and the app is available for download from iTunes and the Google Play Store, printable versions of the book are not currently available. In order to do this, Bradley needs to raise funds to complete the interactive illustrations, add voice overs and hidden secrets into the finished app, as well as to cover the initial printing costs. To do this he needs to raise $5000 which he is trying to do via Kickstarter.

If you go Bradley’s Kickstarter page you’ll find lots of inexpensive ways which you can pledge support for the project and help get the book launched.  These start at just $2 for an interactive postcard and go all the way up to $1500 where he’ll replace they boy in the book with an animated version of your child. You can also get copies of the book and other cool merchandise for pledging other small amounts.

To find out more check out this video below.

So, if you think this project is as awesome as I do, head on over to Kickstarter and show your generosity by giving this well deserving young man the opportunity to bring magic into the lives of many young children. The Goodnight Lad Kickstarter Project is due to go live on 3rd Feb 2015, you can pledge support from then.


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