Fun and Safety Tips for a Child’s Pool Party

Kids Pool Party safety

A pool party is one of the best ways to celebrate a birthday, a holiday, or anything else during the hot summer months. Pool parties are fun for all ages, but there are some important precautions that need to be taken for a child’s pool party. Consider some of these tips that will help increase the fun as well as the safety of the party.

Keep parents around

It’s much easier to keep track of a bunch of children if there are more adults around to help. Encourage the parents to stay for all or part of the party so that there are always extra eyes on the kids. They’ll have fun swimming as well!

Hire a lifeguard

If you want to be able to relax a little bit while you’re at the party, most cities have lifeguards you can hire for a few hours. That way, you can have peace of mind knowing that if something were to go wrong, you have a trained professional who can take care of things. They can also keep a head count going so that no one goes missing.

Ask everyone to bring floaties

If you provide floaties and ask all the children to bring some as well, it will make the party more fun and safe for everyone involved! Floating rafts, noodles, and arm floats can easily be used for games and other activities, but they’ll also provide children a way to be safe in the pool if they’re not great swimmers.

Plan other water activities

Just because it’s a pool party doesn’t mean the only activity has to be the pool. It can be fun to plan other water-themed party activities that children usually love. An example could be relay races where the kids have to run between buckets and use a sponge to fill the empty bucket at the end with the water in the first bucket. You can also make water balloons or let the children have water gun fights. The kids will have a great time, and it will let the parents take a break from having to watch the pool so closely.

Final thoughts

The perfect children’s pool party is a balanced mix of fun and safety. You can’t take too many precautions to prevent accidents, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a great time at the party. If you implement some of these tips you’ll have the best pool party of the summer! Visit The Pool Store if you have any questions about getting a new pool.

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