Essential Tips for Mommy Skincare on a Budget

mummy skincare

Taking care of the skin is essential for any woman. Still, with the variety of products offered for every little thing, it can be really expensive. This may come out as a problem, especially for mothers. They do not have time to browse through top products or the money to invest in them. If you are a mommy stuck in the maze of skincare tips and tricks, just looking to rejuvenate the skin without spending hours in the beauty salon, we may have few answers for your overwhelming questions. Do not worry, we will not bother you with must-have products for everything from nose to eye-lids. We understand you, mommy. Here is our map to lead you out of the maze.

Know What You Need

You do not need every product advertised on TV. Establish a basic skincare routine, and go with it. As for the effective face routine, cleansing, toning and treatment serums, as well as a quality moisturizing and anti-aging cream are a must in every mom’s bag.  Products and treatments that do not take a lot of your time for applying should be your choice. Most of them can be really affordable and some can even be prepared for free. For the rest of the body, your skincare regime should include exfoliation, hair removal and hydration.

Make Your Own Skincare

lemon-906141_1920Almost everything you need for a glowing, youthful skin you can find in your fridge or kitchen cabinets. The best of all, is that those “products” are affordable and free-of-chemicals, so they are very friendly to both your wallet and your skin. Just find out which items are good for which problems, and you will be able to mix your own masks. Cocoa is great for aging skin, milk for rough hands, oats for oily skin, berries for detox, white tea for acne, honey for flaxy lips, papaya for wrinkles, etc. Skin cleansing can be done in combination of ordinary warm water and makeup remover.

Skincare that You Cannot DIY

Some products can “cook” in your kitchen, but for others you will have to open that wallet. After cleansing, to prepare your skin for the treatment serums, if you are using them, you will have to tone it. You will do that with a toner (consult your dermatologist about which one is the best for your skin type) and cotton pads. Treatment serums are recommended for solving skin issues, such as acne, aging signs, hyperpigmentation, etc. We recommend purchasing one antioxidant serum that you will use in the morning, and one peptide-rich serum to use in the evening. A quality moisturizer with SPF is always worth the investment.

Affordable Body Skincare

When thinking about body care, think long term. Your face is a small area, and you can dedicate some minutes to it, two times a day. Body usually gets the short end, because it requires more than ten minutes. So, when you take the time for its care, make sure you do it by the book. The most affordable way of hair removal is IPL laser hair removal treatment, which will enable you not to think of unwanted hair for quite some time.

Make sure you exfoliate once in every two weeks. You can do that with DIY scrubs, made of sugar, citrus, etc. Body hydration is as important as face hydration. After every shower, apply a moisturizing body milk or lotion. These products can be found at very low prices, and there is no need to chase for the most expensive ones. Search for the ones containing ceramides, essential fatty acids, glycerin, glycol, polyols, hyaluronic acid and sodium PCA. For a more natural option, milk and honey will be enough.

Motherhood demands a lot of time and effort. That does not mean you should deprive yourself of feeling good in your skin. Au contraire. You deserve an award for that amazing job you are doing. And what can be a better award for a woman than soft and glowing skin?

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