Coolest Childhood Ever: Life on the Farm

life on the farm

People who are fortunate enough to grow up on a farm learn valuable life lessons that city kids miss out on. While growing up on a farm is hard work and can be tough at times, the strength and knowledge that living on a farm imparts to kids is invaluable. Here is a look at five of the greatest lessons that children receive when they grow up on a farm.

Getting to Ride Horses

People who never get to learn how to ride horses are missing out! Farm kids get to ride horses to complete their farm tasks and sometimes just for fun. Horse riding offers many mental and physical benefits. It helps to improve coordination, visual perception of space, joint flexibility, self-confidence and patience.

To find out more about learning to ride horses, check out the Pony Club.

Learning to Drive and Fix a Tractor

Most city kids would be totally intimidated if you asked them to hop behind the wheel of a tractor. Kids who grow up on a farm often learn to drive tractors and fix them with special equipment like TractorTool before they are even old enough to drive a car. When you experience the power of operating and repairing a giant piece of machinery like that, it develops tremendous self-confidence in you.

Developing a Deep Connection with Your Food

These days, many people go their entire lives without really understanding how the food they eat gets to their plates. That is one of the saddest things about modern life. Kids who grow up on a farm develop an intimate understanding of how the food they eat is raised and harvested. This leads them to appreciate and value food in a way that is very important.

One way to show your kids what life on a farm is like is to go on a short farm stay vacation.

Developing a Deep Connection with the Land

One of the saddest things about human civilization is the way that it has paved over the planet and devastated the environment. Farm kids learn how to respect the land and preserve it for future generations to enjoy. That is because they understand that if the land isn’t good that it is possible that it won’t benefit their crops and livestock in the future.

The Value of Patience

In the era of smartphones, Internet and fast food, many kids are sorely lacking in patience. Farm kids have to learn this skill. They learn how to wait for the crops to grow. They have to finish their chores before they get to play, because animals can’t wait to be fed or taken care of. Developing patience is a valuable skill that benefits farm kids in every aspect of their lives.

Growing up on a farm is not an easy life. Farm kids have to work hard, and they often don’t get to play as much as city kids. However, the valuable knowledge and skills that kids acquire during a life on the farm will help them to succeed wherever they go in life and should be envied by everyone.

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Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, CA. She graduated from the University of California-Sacramento with a degree in Journalism.

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