9 Essential Kids Water Safety Tips

9 essential water safety tips for kids

There’s nothing like basking in the sun during the summer and taking a dip in the cool ocean, lake or pool whenever you feel too hot. Fantastic for kids and adults alike, cool bodies of water are something many people revel in. To ensure that you have an awesome time in the water this summer, remember to protect your children from potential risks by checking out these 9 essential kids’ water safety tips.

1. Use the buddy system

Even if you’re at a pool or a beach with lifeguards, make sure you’ve got someone with you at all times. If something was to go wrong and you were with someone, they could either help you themselves or call for help from someone else.


2. Never leave a child unattended

An obvious rule of thumb – always watch what your kids are doing. If you’ve got young children, make sure you know where they are at all times.


3. Sign your kids up for swimming lessons!

The best way to prevent disaster from occurring is to make sure everyone knows how to swim – this includes your kids and you, if you have never learnt.. If your kids don’t have too much experience in the water, it’s always good to know that they have had enough practice to keep themselves afloat.


4. Use life jackets

If you’re on a boat, a life jacket is a necessity. The last thing you want is to be stranded out to sea or on a lake with no life jacket. Even if you know how to swim, there comes a point when complete exhaustion and hypothermia can set in. If you have kids that don’t know how to swim, make sure they’ve got on a US Coast Guard-approved life jacket.


5. Stay near lifeguards

Whether you’re at the ocean or in a pool, stay within sight of the lifeguard. These people are trained professionals, so make sure they’re around when you’re in the water.


6. No running!

According to Strickland, Agner & Associates, slip and fall accidents are extremely common and often happen when the floor is wet or the concrete is slippery. When you’re at the pool, don’t just tell your kids not to run – remember that you shouldn’t run either.


7. Be conscious of natural bodies of water

Mother Nature is unpredictable, so when you’re at the ocean where the tides are always changing, make sure you stay incredibly attentive. Don’t let yourself or a loved one drift out to sea before you or they even realize what’s happened. Pay special attention for riptides and teach people how to swim away from them safely.


8. Teach Kids to stay away from drains

If a bathing suit or hair got stuck in a drain or suction outlet, it can be extremely dangerous. Be careful of drains that are missing covers as well.


9. Learn CPR

Bystanders are often among the first to be able to help a drowning victim. No matter who you’re with or where you are, CPR is an incredibly useful certification to have.

About the author

Amy Patterson is a regular contributor to Very Best For Kids, writing mainly on child safety topics. From North Carolina, you will usually find her catching up on the latest news with locals or on the beach with her family. Besides safety, Amy also writes about health, fitness, wellness, and family. 

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