8 Unconventional Christmas Gifts Your Kids Will Love

Unconventional Christmas gifts for Kids

Twenty years ago, kids would jump for joy if they got a Barbie doll or a Power Rangers figure for Christmas. Twenty years before that they would have found joy in a Slinky spring toy or magnetic drawing board. It is normal for kids to change according to the era they live in and, based on that, their needs and desires are changing too. What has remained the same is that parents want to make their kids happy by buying them the perfect Christmas gift. Sometimes “perfect” requires stepping outside of the box and searching for some unconventional Christmas gifts. If you are feeling lost now, here are some great suggestions.

1) Buy them personalized books

A couple of decades ago we would be reading books and imagining that we are some of the characters. According to a 2011 study, today’s kids are less prone to creative thinking, but that does not mean they should not be introduced in the world of literature. A personalized book, with your child as the main character, will help them connect with the story in a meaningful way.

2) Stock a room with art supplies

Unconvention christmas presents for kids

Speaking of creativity… Encourage your kids to use their imagination and create something truly special. If you are able to, use one small room of the house to create a proper little art studio. Acquire brushes, paints, canvases and stretcher bars and watch the birth of a new Picasso or Van Gogh.

3) Help them learn a musical instrument

Learning how to play an instrument has multiple benefits for kids (improving academic skills, developing physical skills, cultivating social skills, learning discipline, boosting self-esteem, etc.). If you notice that your child is prone to playing music, you should encourage them with an instrument and lessons. Some of the best instruments for kids are piano, guitar, drums and tuba.

4) Give them a gaming website subscription

unconventional Christmas presents

You simply cannot ignore that modern kids find their greatest pleasures in the gaming world. So, make your little one happy by buying a membership on a website with their favorite game. You do not have to go against your rules and join a site with violent games site; instead choose an educational site with fun learning games, such as Poptropica.

5) Surprise kids with sports memorabilia

If your kid is a sports buff, then buying them sports memoranilia is the perfect present. Acquire interesting and fun sports collectibles, such as LEGO minifigures of the popular sportsmen, puppets, wall stickers (yes, modern day posters), sports cards and albums or sports apparel. If you can get a signed team shirt or ball, even better.

6) Wow them with superhero items

With all the recent craze about superhero movies, the kids are yet again discovering the astonishing world of superpowers – and they love it. We now have more and more girls’ superheroes in movies and TV shows, so girls can enjoy these super items just as much as boys. Similar to sports memorabilia you can purchase figurines, LEGO minifigures, T-shirts, jackets, comic books, costumes, Blu-ray movies or video games.

7) Take them on a christmas road trip

unconventional kids christmas gifts

Kids should learn early on about the value of memories. A really good unconventional Christmas present would be to take them to some magical place they will remember their whole life. You can choose between numerous destinations, from glorious sites such as Disneyland and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter to the local Zoo, a museum or some nearby adventure such as karting park

8) Buy them tickets for an event

Depending on the age and preferences of your kids, you can choose various interesting events to take them too. With younger kids, you can go to a children’s theatre play, see a movie, The Next Ice Age dance company show, etc. For the older ones, you can opt for a sports match, a concert of their favorite singer or band concert or even a Minecraft convention.

Those were our suggestions for awesome Christmas gifts for your kids. Now, if you come up with something more original and that will suit your kids more, you should give it a try. The possibilities are limitless.

Of course, there are hundreds more brilliant but unconventional Christmas gift ideas out there – if you have one, please share it with us in the comments below.

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