7 Tips to Save Big on Birthday Presents and other Gifts

7 Tips to Save Big on Birthday Presents and other Gifts

Birthdays are very special occasions. It is the event in which we celebrate the birth of a child or loved one. It is an occasion to show them that you really care as it is a day that is all about them. However, birthday presents can add up to a good bit of money quickly depending on what you buy and how much money you are willing to spend on that person. But there are some ways that you can save money on items like jewelry, toys and clothes. It’s best to make a budget, staying with that budget until you see that your list is being shortened after making purchases.

Make a Plan

Birthday gifts can be difficult especially if you don’t know what that person needs or wants. Therefore, you need to have a plan. You also may need to get creative with your gift ideas. In other words, try and think of something that person needs or wants that they would not necessarily think to tell you about. This might mean talking with other friends and family members as they might know something that you don’t. It is also a great way to make sure you don’t duplicate someone else’s gift.

Also, instead of going to a store thinking that you are going to look at all of the items that are on sale or randomly choosing something for someone on your list, make a plan of action. Write down all of the stores that have sales, and base your purchases on those sale items. This can help you avoid some of the larger stores that might see bigger crowds. You will also want to set a budget too that way you don’t overspend, but you don’t also get some lame gift either.


You can often find coupons in store advertisements, but another option is to look online. There are coupons for many stores on sites like the fabulous Dealspotr or Discountrue.com which also includes Sears coupon codes. You would choose the coupon that you want and either print it or download it to a mobile device. Most coupon codes are entered when you make a purchase online.

Social Media

This isn’t just a way to talk to family and friends. There are some people who want to sell items that they no longer need, and these items are often inexpensive. You can transform some of the items you get from people on social media sites, or you can simply choose to give gifts that are purchased in a used condition.

Making Deals

Most stores have a chat option. Use this option to talk to someone about getting a discount for your purchase that you are making online. If you are making a large purchase, then most stores are willing to give you at least a 10% discount or free shipping, especially if you state that you are going to abandon the order.

Cash Back

There are some sites that will give you cash back if you make an online purchase. This is money that you can use for gas or to use for added gifts. You might have to start a little early as most of these companies will mail a check instead of deposit into a bank account.

Group Gifts

Instead of buying something for everyone in a family that you don’t really talk to through the year or each manager in an office, consider getting a group gift. This could be a basket of food or an outing, such as a movie. You can also do a secret gift exchange so that each person only purchases one gift.


An easy way to save money is to not take more than you need to the store. Allocate a certain amount of money in an envelope for each store or each person. Once the money is gone, don’t use money from other envelopes as you might miss out on something that you wanted to get.

Shopping for birthday gifts doesn’t have to be a stressful event if you make a plan. You can use coupon codes to save money or make a budget with items that you know you want to purchase. Choose the gifts carefully so that you give something with meaning instead of getting a random item that you know isn’t going to be used in order to save as much as possible. In the end, no matter how big or small your birthday gift, you are simply just trying to help make that person’s birthday a little extra special and show them that you were thinking of them on their day.

If you need to save money because you have debt problems, visit the Citizens Advice Bureau for assistance.


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