7 Amazing and Unexpected UK Destinations for Kids


It’s never easy to plan the perfect day out for kids. They always want so many things squeezed into their itinerary and maximum fun from their wonderful outing. For parents, finding an amazing destination that fits the bill can be difficult, especially if you are trying to avoid taking the kids to the same old places. Thankfully, there are a quite a few new destinations now available for kids which offer totally amazing and unexpected experiences. Here are 7 destinations you might want to consider.

Harry Potter Studio Tour

harry potter studio tour

Every kid loves Harry Potter, so getting the chance to experience the magical world of the Harry Potter Studio Tour is a.great way to immerse yourself in the wizarding world and reignite your passion for the movies and books. You kids will have a spectacular time as they experience being on the set of the movies and follow in Harry’s footprints all the way from Privet Drive to Diagon Alley to Hogwarts. Watch as they climb aboard the Knight Bus, visit Hagrid’s hut and make themselves disappear under the invisibility cloak. They can also learn about movie making and experience the green screen.

Surf Snowdonia, Wales

Looking for some active fun? How about spending a day at the world’s first inland surf lagoon? Surf Snowdonia is a wonderful outdoor park that will surely drench you in watery joys. With a whopping 300-metre surf lagoon and head high waves, you can surf to your heart’s content. There’s a lot more than just surfing. The range of other activities includes SUP safaris and kayaking too. And of course, there are no sharks in Snowdonia.

National Space Centre

Whilst everyone has heard of the Kennedy Space Centre at Cape Canaveral in Florida, now many of us know that we have our own National Space Centre in Leicester. So if astronaut Tim Peake has given your kids an interest in space exploration, this is the ideal place to visit

With six amazing galleries, including a full-size rocket in a launch tower and the UK’s largest domed planetarium this day out will be a real adventure. It has everything: telescopes, space suits, rockets, satellites, meteorites and lots of interactive things for kids to get their hands on.


If you are visiting anywhere near Norfolk, then the award winning BeWilderwood is an amazing day for kids – and big kids. Set in the magical world of the Boggles from the BeWilderwood children’s book series, this is a theme park with a difference – no big rides or rollercoasters, but lots of zip wires, fast slides, den building and obstacles to climb abd navigate through – all designed for kids of different ages – so from 2 years old,to 90 years old, there;s something for everyone. There’s even the chance for younger kids to perform on an outdoor stage in a Bewilderwood themed story (see main image).

King Arthur’s Labytynth

Head back to the time of myths and legends in this underground cavern with a difference, deep in the heart of celtic Wales. Entering through a magical waterfall, mystery, secrets and a strange hooded character are all awaiting in the enchanted King Arthur’s Labyrinth. Here, kids will get a first-hand experience of tales invoking ancient kings, dragons and epic battles. embellished with dramatic sound and lighting effects. And to get there, they have to sail through a giant waterfall.

Belfast Zoological Gardens

A visit to the Belfast Zoo means an opportunity to see over 1,000 animals from 150 varied species. These include Barbary lions, Red kangaroos, Spider monkeys, Moloch gibbons, Rothchild’s giraffes, Asian elephants and Malayan sun bears. There is also a bird park with many exotic bird species to see.  Giraffes and elephants can also be seen.

Legoland Windsor

Legoland Windsor is a perfect outing for children, especially for younger kids who like smaller rides and junior those ready for junior roller coasters. It;s ideal for families and kids aged 3-12. Lego brick sculptures, model cities, animals, water rides, rollercoasters and fire engines, the place has a lot to keep kids hooked and engaged for hours, literally. It’s the second most visited park in the UK, just behind Alton Towers!


In a nutshell, there is ae lots of amazing and unexpected destinations for kids in the UK. With just with a little research, you will find some spectacular places for your family day out.

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