6 Tips To Get Kids Helping On Moving Day

moving with kids

There are several different tasks to complete when you’re getting ready to move homes. When you are making your to-do list it may seem like the list never ends. Luckily, you may have a lot of kids to help you out. The number personal belongings that you have to transport can make for a challenging task, so it is nice that you don’t have to do it all alone. To ensure that you can get through the process with ease, there are a few tips to follow when recruiting your kids to help.

Delegate Specific Tasks

Assign your child with specific tasks that are appropriate for their age, which can include packing their clothes in boxes or putting all of their toys in a bin. They’ll take pride in the chores due to the responsibility that it provides them with, which will allow them to feel independent. Also, if you have any older kids they may be able to help lift and pack the heavier things. That way they can stay busy and always be helping without getting distracted.

Ask Kids to Label Boxes

An easy way to get your kids to pitch in with the moving process is to ask them to label boxes. This is a really easy job that kids of most any age should be able to do, and it can really help save you a lot of time. This can also allow them to have fun practicing their writing and can also help them to stay busy drawing pictures on the cardboard before movers from a company like Wheaton World Wide Moving load the boxes into the van. That can really help get their mind off of being upset about the move.

Toss Out Old Toys

Keep your kids busy by asking them to sort through their toys to ensure that they can bring less clutter with them to your new home. Although they may have a hard time tossing their personal belongings, you can tell them to pick out 10 different items to donate or toss. Going through all of their toys can really help keep them busy for hours. This can also help you teach them how to donate to charity and make sacrifices. You always want to make sure to take advantage of teaching opportunities like that.

Ask Them to Babysit

Have your children babysit the family dog or a cat to ensure that the pet stays put as movers are in and out of the home throughout the day. This will prevent the animals from escaping through the front door or a gate on the property. This is also a great way to make sure that your pets aren’t in the way and don’t get hurt. This can also help take away some of the stress of worrying about where your kids are and what they are doing.

Pack a Bag of Fun Items

Kids can also help on moving day by packing a bag of games or toys that will keep them occupied during the drive to the new property. That way they can have a good time packing away their fun toys and be able to have easy access to them when you get to your new home. This is also another great way to help keep your kids minds off of the move.  If they are too busy picking and playing with their favorite toys they may be too excited and distracted to think about the big move.

Allow The Kids to Unpack

After getting into your new home it is a good idea to allow your kids to unpack the boxes that are placed in their bedroom to ensure that they can decide where they want to place their favorite stuffed animals or building blocks. They may not be able to organize but can empty out the boxes to ensure that you settle in quicker. This can really help them feel like they are doing a lot to contribute and help. This is also a great way to have them make your new house feel more like home.

When you need a set of helping hands on moving day, there are a few ways to recruit your children and put them to work. By assigning them to the right tasks, you can keep them busy and make it a more efficient process. This can also help make the moving process a more efficient and fun experience for the whole family.

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