6 Real World Skills You Can Teach Your Child Before Grade School


The earlier children learn real world skills, the easier they will naturally follow them. Real world skills help children and adults to live in a happy and healthy way. Children can learn some skills as early as two years old. Consider teaching your children these real world life skills that they can have mastered before they even go to school for the first time.

Saving Money

Saving money is important to maintain a budget, which every adult must master to keep afloat. Starting at the age of two or later, get a picture of a toy or some other item that a child wants. Put this picture on a jar. Cut a slit in the top of the jar to insert money. Start with one jar, and advance with multiple jars when the little one has successfully obtained one object of desire. Saving money also teaches delayed gratification, which is necessary to understand as an adult.

Laura shin offers some more great tips in her article about teaching kids to save money.


Compromise comes into play when we are surrounded by others and need to reach a mutual concession. It’s important to allow children to have social interaction in order to learn about compromise. As adults, we have to compromise with spouses, coworkers, neighbors and many others. It helps us to achieve what we want while allowing others to achieve what they want as well. One place children naturally learn compromise is within a preschool or daycare.

Making Decisions

Adults have to make decisions all the time. Making a poor decision can cost an adult their job or their home. Children can start to make safe decisions when they’re young. Parents and other adults can provide children with two safe options to decide on. Asking children questions about their decisions, such as which would be the better option, allows them to develop critical thinking skills.


The old saying “The squeaky wheel gets the grease” is true. When people are assertive, they live happier, healthier and more productive lives. It’s not difficult to teach young children how to be assertive. Start with teaching them to say things like, “I would like a glass of milk. May I have one please?” Children should be taught this as soon as they learn to speak.

Personal Boundaries

It’s important for people to establish personal boundaries for themselves in order to experience positive emotional health. It’s important to teach young children to establish these personal boundaries early on. They can begin to say things like, “I am upset when…” This teaches children to express their feelings and state what they are unhappy with. This also sets up an atmosphere wherein children learn effective communication, and they learn how to improve their interpersonal relationships.

Of course, personal boundaries differ with age and you can discover more about how to teach age appropriate personal boundaries in this article by Brenda Scottsdale.


To attain goals and lead a productive life, adults must assess their priorities and follow through with them. Young children can also learn to follow through with priorities. When they ask for a cookie, parents and other adults can tell them, “When you finish all of your food, you can have a cookie.” Request that children put away one set of toys if they’re going to play with another set of toys. Following simple rules allows children to understand that fun comes after work and that they should do one thing before they do another.

Children are capable of more than we give them credit for. They are like sponges and will model the behavior they see parents and other adults do. Along with teaching young children, it’s important to model good behavior that they will naturally emulate. That way, when they’re ready to go to a school like Youthland Academy, they will already know how to work together with classmates and start off their school life on the right foot.

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