5 Essential Life Skills Every Parent Needs to Teach

5 Valuable Skills to Teach Your Children

If any of us could somehow patent the ultimate formula for being a perfect parent, regardless of background or experience, we would instantly become one of the richest people on the planet. The reality is that being an effective parent is just as much of an exercise in learning as it is teaching.

Every parent will have to adapt to different strategies in order to account for the unique personality and strengths/weaknesses of both their child and themselves. To make matters even more challenging, traditional education programs often omit some of the most vital lessons that are needed in order to successfully navigate adulthood.

The following useful skills can be passed on so that your child adopts positive strategies for going through life in their formative years and beyond.


Financial management

Even though there are many people around the world are constantly struggling with debt, it is oftentimes rare that a child will have access to financial management education in the typical education program. Even though your child may not be taught how to properly manage money in school, you can still make a point to teach them the value of the dollar through simple exercises.

One of the most powerful things that you can do for your child’s financial competence is to include them in the decision-making process when you are out on shopping errands. Illustrate to your child what the difference is between necessary purchases and pleasure purchases, and then test what you taught them by allowing them to choose what should be purchased next. Eventually, the lessons that you teach your child on small shopping outings will become second nature.


Dietary control

Millions of adults around the world are struggling from malnutrition from improper diets, and this usually stems from the dietary examples that for them in their early years. You don’t have to scare your child with horror stories about poor nutrition, but you can still help them develop a positive response to healthy foods by having a discussion with them about the benefits of keeping up their health.

Teach them that the things that they put into their body not only have a physical effect, but can also affect them emotionally and mentally as well. Get them to associate healthier foods with a healthier state of mind.


Choosing real friends

Many people have dozens of acquaintances, but there’s no denying that there is a real difference between acquaintances and genuine friends. As soon as your child is able to understand that bonds can be forged with others, it is essential that you pass on the lesson that true friends are far superior to a group of acquaintances to simply make them feel “popular.” Try to teach your child the value of surrounding themselves with people who are striving to reach the same types of goals that they are.


Moving on from failure

No matter how talented or driven a person may be, failures and unexpected incidents are an unavoidable reality of living and attempting to succeed. Though you may have high hopes for your child, you mustn’t burden them with so many expectations that they are incapable of handling their inevitable experiences with disappointment. Teach them that failure should be interpreted as a trial to be learned from, and not just a waste of time.


Learning how to swim

One of the most practical things that you can teach your child is the ability to keep their head above water; not just figuratively, but in a literal sense. Making sure that your child has the ability to tread water and swim when they need to is an important safety skill that can prevent dangerous situations if they fall in a pool or another body of water.

Before enrolling them in formal swimming lessons, do what you can to have your child become familiar and confident with the sensation of being partially submerged in shallow depths. If they are nervous about going knee-deep into large bodies of water, start slow and comfort them with getting into small tubs first. You could even take them to mommy and me swim classes to participate with them.



These are only a sample of the valuable skills that children should learn. Though there is no foolproof guide to perfectly raising a child, making sure to pass on the knowledge you know that your child can use to safely manage the biggest challenges in life can be done with simple inculcation and exercises.


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