5 Tips For Finding Family Time During The School Year

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Summer is over, but the fun doesn’t have to be. With school and work demands, the school year can bring some constraints to having family time. However, family time is essential for helping your kids feel loved and supported and it can even help them find success down the road. Although it can be hard when you have a busy schedule to find time for family activities it is definitely well worth it. That is why it is a good idea to consider these carefully thought-out possibilities for the weeks ahead.


Family movie nights

A great way to spend quality time with your family is to have designated movie nights. Movie nights are wonderful for Mondays. Children and other family members are tired when Monday rolls around. Having a fun night to sit back and relax is a fun way to spend time with the family without exhausting yourself further. You can even get new movies from sites like Pristine Sales so that you can get family-friendly favorites. You can also make it an easy dinner night by ordering something like take-out or pizza. This is just a great way to allow everyone to sit back, relax and relieve their stress from the day.


Craft night

Another fun and creative way to spend time with your family is to have a craft night. You can make projects as intensive or as easy as desired so that there is room for everyone in the family to participate. You can even have everyone get involved with making seasonal decorations for your home. For instance, once Fall presents itself, you could make “thankful leaf” garlands where the entire family writes on each other’s garlands what they are thankful for. You could also make hanging lanterns and other fun crafts. The possibilities are endless! This is definitely a relaxing activity that the family will remember for a lifetime.

Everyone cooks night

Having a cooking night not only allows you to spend time with the people you love, but it also provides you with a great opportunity to teach your little ones how to cook! By starting to teach your kids things like this at a young age you can help prepare them to be able to provide for themselves when they get older. This is definitely a great way to get everyone involved in being excited about cooking. Let each member of the family decide what they’re going to make, and create a smorgasbord. When everyone is cooking, everyone is focused on their food, but they also interact with one another in the kitchen.


Silly family night

Sometimes in life you just need to let loose and be silly! That is why a silly night can be great for the whole family! You can really just be yourself and have fun! Decide on a night to dress ridiculously and just do a bunch of ridiculously silly things. You could even make an obstacle course in your back yard or make a fort inside the house. Use your imagination! You could even address one another in made up names, and make new rules that seem fitting to the silliness. If you are feeling really ridiculous you might even allow parents and kids to switch roles for the night! Creating a silly night with the family can take any direction. You never know what is going to happen. You can even ask children and other family members for ideas to help make it a great night for everyone.


Game Nights

Game nights are something that everyone loves. Just gather up everyone’s favorite games and make time to play them. If you are too busy to play them all in one night, you could drag it out over the course of the week. You also could make a trophy with the entire family to give out to the winner. The person who wins most of the games gets the trophy for the week, and they also get bragging rights, then give the trophy to the new winner in weeks to come. You could also create a winner name, like “Game Master” to make it more appealing. The rule is that the winner must be addressed in this way all throughout the following week.

Once the weekend comes around, the family will have already had a ton of fun, but don’t stop there. Get ideas for the following week on the activities that should be done. They might choose to keep certain nights the same. However, it’s fun to change things up too.

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