5 Fun Hobbies to Take Up With Your Kids

Hobbies to do with kids

Hobbies are a great way for both kids and adults to be able to learn and grow in a fun way. They allow children to take an interest in things that they may not learn about in school and are also a great way to be able to spend time with your kids and build quality long lasting relationships. Here are five fun hobbies to take up with your kids.

Making friendship bracelets

Summer camp goers may remember making these fun bracelets out of string. The colorful woven designs are just as much fun to wear as they are to make. This is a very inexpensive hobby as all you really need is some embroidery floss. Not only is this skill perfect for little girls, but it can be great for boys as well. All you need is some key rings and you can help them make a creative keychain. This hobby can give you and your kids hours of enjoyment and lots to talk about.

This is also a great craft to help you get ready for upcoming holidays. Your kids will love being able to make presents for their friends and family. This is also a great hobby to help teach your kids better hand-eye coordination. It is definitely well worth your time.

Collecting world currencies

Collecting currencies from around the world can help kids and adults learn about other cultures. You can use your collection to teach your kids about other countries governments and financial systems. If you need to do some research, you can also get more information on different types of currency from places such as Rocky Mountain Coin Inc. The type of information you can get from places like this can come in handy to your kids as they grow older. Currency, just like stamps, makes for a very interesting collection to show to friends and family members. This hobby is especially great for vacationing families and it can be a very lucrative investment in years to come.

Take up a sport

Playing sports together is also a great way to build family relationships. All you have to do is find a sport that you all like to play together. Sports like soccer and basketball are great because you can play just about anywhere with as many people as you want. These sports can also be made a bit more child-friendly by using softer balls and even shorter hoops. Not only is this something that can help you bond with your kids, but it can also help you keep your family happy and healthy.

Start baking together

Baking is a hobby that can benefit kids and parents for their entire lives. A strong knowledge of baking will not only ensure that you and your kids know how to make delicious treats but it also can improve skills in math and chemistry.

A great idea is to teach kids math by having them help you make a batch of cookies from scratch. Allow your kids to read the recipe and find the measuring tools that fit. This is a great time to teach them about fractions in a fun and educational way! You also can teach them the science of baking bread! This is a great time to explain to them how yeast helps bread rise because of a chemical reaction. Who knew science could be so yummy?

Get creative with polymer clay

Polymer clay is a type of modeling clay that can be used to sculpt or decorate hard surfaces. You can have a lot of fun teaching your kids how to work with and mold this type of clay. This would be an especially fun way to create a fun and unique father’s day present for the man of the house.  Once a piece of art is formed, you can bake it in the oven to make it hard enough to last forever.

This type of clay molding can awaken a love of art in both kids and parents. Once the clay is out of the oven, you can even take the time to paint and decorate the clay. This can really help kids practice and step up their creativity.

These are just five ideas of hobbies to try out, but the possibilities are endless. Hobbies like this can really help provide you with memories and skills that will last a lifetime. There is definitely no better way to learn and grow than with your family. Be sure to always take the time to try something new.

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