5 Flattering Fashion Tips for New Moms

Fashion Tricks for New Moms

Unless you’re a freak of nature and your figure wasn’t affected by the pregnancy, as a new mom, you’ll probably need some time to get used to your new body before you get comfortable with it. It can be hard because you can’t just pick up from where you left – your pre-baby clothes probably won’t fit you, and your pregnancy clothes are too big for you now, even if they are super comfortable. You need to find a perfect balance between those two sizes and wear clothes that are comfortable but also flattering. You just need to learn a few tricks.

Elastic waistbands

Your stomach area is probably your weakest point. It takes anywhere from six months to two years for your body to get back into its previous shape, so don’t even try to stress out about baby weight two months after giving birth. Find pants that have a really good support around the waistline – elastic and stretchy materials keep everything in place. High waist jeans are also figure flattering, whether you prefer them skinny or slouchy, just make sure that they’re tight (enough) around your waist. When you’re feeling super casual, just hop into leggings or yoga pants. You’ll probably want to wear them all the time anyway, so look for a nice tunic to pair them with.

If you’re more of a skirt person, the same rule applies here. Loose skirts with the elastic waist, (or better yet shorts – they look like a skirt, but the comfort level is much higher), which you just quickly throw on, will make you feel effortlessly dressed up. Opt for colorful prints with a solid semi-fit top.

Wrap dress

new mums wrap dress

If you want to dress up a little and feel elegant, and you’ll want to after months of feeling like an inflated cushion, the easiest way to hide all the trouble spots and still define your waist is a wrap dress. It accentuates your waist without exposing too much, and you can adjust just how much you want it to be tight around your waist – you still want to be able to breathe! When shopping for figure flattering dresses don’t look for anything too tight, but neither too loose or oversized. Semi-fit is your new category.


Don’t get used to comfortable, granny shoes. Sneakers are ok for walks in the park, but wedges are even more awesome! They have a slight rise, but they are much more supporting for your feet and your back than classic high heels. Avoid flats at all costs, because they are not too friendly for your back.


new mums cardigans

Structured blazers are suitable for any shape, but they are a bit on the formal side. If you need a more laid-back version of this top, opt for a nice cotton blend cardigan . Fine-knit, long cardigans are super stylish, and they work with you because they make a good cover for your bum, if that is your problem area. Either way, your favourite everyday go-to outfit can consist of a long, navy cardigan (it can go all the way to your ankles), high waist jeans and a top with navy and white stripes.

Midi Sleeves

¾ sleeve shirts are great if your problem area is your arms. They will hide just the right amount of it. V-necklines are also a good choice for shirts because they will elongate your neck and therefore make you look taller and slimmer. Semi-fit womens tops are absolutely the best choice if you’re still not too comfortable wearing slim fit clothes, but remember to find yourself a good, supporting bra. You might have to try a few before you find the one that fits you perfectly, but it will be worth it and you will look good in any top.

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